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Katthahari Jataka

Description of the Art:

A beautiful poor woman once gave birth to an illegitimate son of the King of Benares. When the infant grew up, she took him to the King and said, “ Oh King, accept your son.” The King denied this with anger and shame. Being left with no alternatives, the woman said, “I shall toss him into the air. If he is your son, he will hover. If not, he will fall down and die.” She tossed the child into the air, and he did not fall. This proved the truth. The baby boy was the Bodhisattva (a previous life of the Buddha).

一位貌美的貧婦, 為波羅奈國王生育了⼀私生⼦. 當孩子長大後, 貧婦攜子去見國王, 對國王説 : 「這是你的兒子, 你要接受他! 」國王羞怒地拒絕了. 貧婦無親無故, 唯有向國王説 : 「我把他向上扔到天空去!如果他是你的兒子, 他將停留在天空中; 如果不是, 他將會跌死! 」她把孩子拋起, 孩子在空中停留著, 因而證實了國王是兒子的父親. 這孩子, 就是 (佛陀前生的) 菩薩.

HKD$ 26,800
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This work was finished in 1989 at Sri Lanka, by Ven. Dr. Mapalagama Wipulasara Thera. The ownership of this original piece belongs to Dr. Kwok Shiu Ming, the Chairman of International Centre of Sakyamunis Culture.

This replica is made in 2017 by TTOOPP.

Print on Canvas. Unframed.

Rights belong to Kwok's Gallery.

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