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Dr. Kwok Shiu Ming
Dr. Kwok Shiu Ming

biography of Dr. Kwok Shiu Ming

Dr. Kwok Siu Ming, the Chairman of International Centre of Sakyamunis Culture Limited, is called “Rich Merchant Chevalier”. It is not exaggerated to say that he is really the chevalier. Having a look on his past, words and deeds, people would know Dr. Kwok is extraordinary. He used to be a street boy in his childhood. Then in the early 1970s, Dr. Kwok became a boxer to fight and drew a combat against Mr. Chan Wai Man, who was then a famous martial film staras well as the boxing champion in Southeast Asia. Besides that, Dr. Kwok acted as a Consul and Consulate Curator of the Republic of Mongolia in Hong Kong later on. He has also been taking many international public duties and as a member of Asian Buddhist Peace Council, he worked in more than 10 countries in Asia, and to advocate the causative condition and self-less doctrine according to Buddha Sakyamuni's wisdom. He has very good and close relationships with many leaders across different countries. Dr. Kwork is an International legend.

Dr. Kwok is not only a rich merchant, but also an internationally known doctor of Buddhism. He speaks wisely anytime. For this reason, in the past, Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, the Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, had ever invited him to develop Buddhism in the former Soviet Republics. Dr. Kwok gave the former Soviet Republics a wise statement. It was said that the policies of Soviet Republics had violated the law and properties of causality of the universe. This statement impacted deeply so far. Moreover, he donated much money to the development of Buddhism all over the world, so the government of Sri Lanka had awarded a national treasure to him. It is so that Dr. Kwork became the first people who personally owned Buddha’s relics. In 1988, he established the International Centre of Sakyamunis Culture in Hong Kong and helped his friend Mr. Tom Shek Lam, a wealthy merchant of Indonesian, set up the first Chinese Sakyamunis Culture Centre in MeiZhou of Guangdong. To circulate Buddha culture, Dr. Kwok also translated the international famous literature “Revelation of Sakyamunis” written by Dr. Ven. Walpola Rahula Mahathera and the international famous Buddhism masterpiece “What is the philosophy of Sakyamunis” to other languages, such as, Chinese, English, French and German, which later were released globally. Although Dr. Kwok has deep Buddhism knowledge and understanding, he does not admit or feel in the way that he is a Buddhist and even claim himself not having any religious beliefs at all. From his perspective, Buddhism is not in the realm of religions, but instead universal knowledge. Buddha Sakyamunis was just to tell people what he had found from his apperception and let his disciples spread this knowledge. Buddha Sakyamunis neither was concerned whether people believed the knowledge to be true, nor had intention to establish a religion. For this reason, Dr. Kwok does not admit that he is a Buddhist even though he has such proficient Buddhism knowledge. At present, Dr. Kwok has many disciples follow him to learn Buddhism knowledge. His disciples includes some great persons from street society and rich merchant from military and political circles.

Dr. Kwok is called “Rich Merchant Chevalier”, not only because of his wealth, but also because he has the ability to help people gain health and investigate the environment, though his art of healing and geomancy are not reliable all the time. He is often taciturn and introverted, but he speaks bluntly when he express his standpoint. His daring characteristic and merciless criticism make those brainless people existing in the name only and in the noble circles feel too ashamed to show their faces in front of him. For example, there was an international nabob and he had someone invite Dr. Kwok to have dinner in the restaurant commonly called “Rich Man Canteen”. However, Dr. Kwok listed his requirement for the invitation and he wanted Indian royal special rice, pollution-free spring water, tailor-made premium extra virgin soy sauce and over 70-year-old Pu’er tea as ingredients of the dinner. Also he wanted grape branches as the fuel for cooking. Because of the harsh requirements, the invitation was cancelled. In the period of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in Hong Kong, Yeoh Eng-Kiong, the former Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, had ever denied that medication for SARS was wrong, but Dr. Kwok did not agree. He challenged Secretary Yeoh to have a medical competition, that was, he suggested that he and Secretary Yeoh both to be injected with SARS virus and then had their own different treatments, the one who could recovered first is the winner. In the August of 2005, there was a case of knife attacks on a kid. Dr. Kwok personally prepared HKD100,000 for reward of the one who could arrest the culprit and asked anyone from street society to help in such case. Dr. Kwork believes “Stop Sins, Do Virtues, Mercy and Equality”, so he established Asian Fund for Agricultural Research and Development to have been cooperating with Chinese Culture Committee for Poverty Alleviation for over 10 years and hoped to do something for the development of China. In addition, he worked very hard in several countries, like, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal and South America to assist the people who needed help. He helped them to build medical motorcades, libraries, orphanages, schools, villages and Buddhism institutes. On the other hand, he donated many necessities too. Dr. Kwok himself thinks that he is still far from the target of epiphany and proof of the truth, according to what Buddha had taught Earthliness Practitioners the key points “have no attachment and let your hearts be free to give alms”.

Academically and behaviorally, Dr. Kwok utilizes American analysis and British management techniques to complete difficult daily and cultural works. The outcome he pursues is to achieve the target of French elegant culture. Furthermore, he adopt Jewish philosophical thought as his lifestyle, when his spiritual world depends upon Indian ethereal culture.

When one day you see that a middle-aged man whose hairstyle is with a standard military and whose hand carries an antique mobile phone and wears a 1920s’ Rolex watch is driving a 1950s’ Morris Minor Roadster the music inside which Indian songs are played and the fragrance of which is from a seasonal perfume, he is the one called “Rich Merchant Chevalier” Kwok Siu Ming

國際釋迦文化中心主席郭兆明人稱 「奇俠富商」, 說他是奇俠, 實不為過, 觀其過去及言行, 就知道他並不普通。 他曾是一名街童、 拳手 ( 在70年代初曾跟獲得東南亞拳賽冠軍的電影明星陳惠敏切磋打成平手 ) , 曾當過蒙古共和國駐港領事兼領事館館長, 另有多個國際公職在身, 更運用亞洲佛教和平議會成員身份在亞洲十多個國家活動, 宣揚佛祖釋迦牟尼的緣起無我慧學, 並跟多國元首有密切的友好關係, 是一個國際性傳奇人物。

他不單是一個富商, 更是一名國際知名的佛學博士, 他隨意發言都是智慧之言, 連戈巴喬夫亦曾邀請他到前蘇聯發展佛教, 一句慧言:「 你們蘇聯政策違反了宇宙緣起法則特性,影響深遠。」 此外, 他於世界各地捐贈不少金錢幫助佛教發展, 更換斯里蘭卡政府贈送國寶, 成為首位私人擁有佛祖舍利子的人。 在1988年, 他於香港成立國際釋迦文化中心, 其後亦在廣東梅州協助好友印尼富商湯錫林先生建立中國第一座釋迦文化中心。 郭氏曾將國際著名的羅浮羅博士所著的「釋迦的啟示」, 和國際性佛教名著「釋迦哲理是什麼」譯成中、英、法、德各種文字發行全世界, 其對佛學的知識不容置疑, 但有趣的是, 郭兆明並不認為自己是佛教徒, 甚至矢言自己沒有宗教信仰, 在他眼中, 佛教並非一種宗教, 而是一種學問, 釋迦牟尼斯把自己所領悟到的告訴別人及讓弟子傳揚開去, 並不求聽的人相信, 亦無意創立宗教, 所以郭兆明對佛學須有很深入的了解, 卻不承認他是佛教徒, 而目前跟隨他學習佛理的學生甚多, 當中包括不少江湖人物和軍政界富商。

郭氏被稱為「奇俠富商」, 除了因為他心中富貴, 還因為他身懷時靈時不靈的通靈醫術和堪輿 術, 平常時是沉潛內斂, 表示見地立場時則會說話不留餘地、 厲害的詞鋒及敢言的性格使很多滿肚草和名不符實的權貴無地自容。 曾有一國際富豪託人邀約他在俗稱富豪飯堂的地方晚膳, 郭先生提出要用印度皇族專用的米、 無污染泉水、 葡萄樹枝作燃料、 特製頭抽、 七十年以上的普洱茶作接待才赴約, 導致飯局不成。 在沙士期間, 楊局長曾否認用藥有誤,郭氏不以為然, 更提出挑戰, 要與楊局長一起吸入沙士病毒, 且看誰先治好。 在去年八月, 再斬童血案中, 他人私人懸紅十萬港元緝兇, 更呼籲黑道中人協作尋兇。郭氏相信的是,「止惡行善,慈悲平等」, 其創辦的亞洲農業研究發展基金會跟中國文化扶貧委員會合作十多年,冀望能為中國的發展出一分力, 另外, 他亦奔波於印度、斯里蘭卡、印尼、蒙古、南美洲、尼泊爾及越南等國家, 為那些需要幫助的人們建立醫療車隊、 創辦佛學院、 圖書館孤兒院、重建屋邨、學校及捐贈急需物資等, 對他而言, 只是在佛陀教導俗家行者心法要訣「 應無所住而布施」 的三輪體空境界途中, 離証道覺幅目標尚遠。

郭兆明並運用美國的分析學、管理學和英國做了不說的文化在日常工作上, 效果追求是以法國高雅優質完美文化為目標, 生活模式採用了猶太人部分哲學, 內心世界是立足於印度的空靈文化。

當某一天你在馬路上看到一個剪平頭裝的中年漢子, 駕駛著一輛五十年代的摩利是咪拿開篷車, 車上播著印度歌曲, 手戴二十年代的勞力士手錶, 提著一部古董的大哥大電話, 並散發出一陣配合季節性的香水味時, 這就是本文介紹的鐵包金奇俠富商郭兆明。


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